Fennec for Android pre-alpha released

George T — April 28, 2010

This is so exciting. Last night Mozilla released Fennec -pre-alpha- for Android! Vladimir Vukićević posted a link to the latest build of Fennec for Android. You can download and test it here. (make sure you have checked the box that says “Unknown sources” in the settings first)

Keep in mind though that this release requires Android 2.0 or above. It has been tested only on Motorola Droid and the Nexus One. And there is high probability to cause your phone to crash or make it temporarily unresponsive. You can still test Fennec on you desktop if you want to.

Weave Sync

There is an experimental version of Weave that is compatible with this build.

If you want to test Weave on your android phone, head over to mozillalabs.com/weave and click on “Experimental Version”. Read more on this on Vladimir’s blog post.

We’ve created a temporary Google Group for feedback about this pre-alpha build.